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Connect iPod and iPhone to Car Stereo via Bluetooth or USB with mCAR

Connect iPod, iPhone, USB flash drive, Portable Hard Drives via USB and/or Bluetooth advanced audio straming.

Listen to music and receive calls safely behind the wheel with natural speech voice guidance.

Connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth handsfree and route the calls via the build in Phone interface.

Download phone books and phone history within seconds and manage your contacts online with natural speech interface.

Listen to internet radio like Pandora while driving your vehicle from any cell phone and navigate through songs with the head unit interface in direct phone interface mode.

Unlock the screen, watch video and navigate large playlists directly from your iPhone or iPod device.

State of the art design provides robust in car installation and automotive tested heavy duty performance.

Patented USB plug is installed instead the cigarette lighter plug or for in glove box easy media access.
Second generation Bluetooth 2.0 allows flawless phone integration via the head unit phone menu.

Build in robust audio post-processing adds SRS WOW, Digital 5-band EQ, Bass Boost.
mCAR decodes MP3, MP3Pro, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG1 layer 2 (VCD), ADPCM, iTunes parser (non-DRM iTunes – M4A).

mCAR technology allows integration of smart multimedia into the car. The technology is available for license and OEM with most popular car brands around the world.

Please follow the links on the left to obtain the installation and user manual by vehicle integration and the latest software update.

Call your dealer for live support if necessary or to order units.